About Black Label.

A sleek and stylish Solana (SOL) blockchain token with a goal to make cryptocurrency currency again.

The most important aspect of that statement is the use case. We want Black Label to have a real impact on the world. We want to get back to the concept that cryptocurrency is a currency, and it can (and should) be used as a currency as well as a store of value. And with governments continuing to hurt their own fiat currencies, this is more important than ever.

Black Label looks to derive its value from that utility that it provides. With a reasonable total supply, we are looking to allow KLB to increase in value at a steady rate while still maintaining its utility as a currency. Both objectives are not mutually exclusive, and the KLB token will seamlessly weave these together.

The KLB token will encourage and support initiatives to make the adoption of the Black Label token widespread. Outside of the standard buybacks, burns, and marketing, liquidity will be provided to entities that seek to use the KLB token for transactions and investments; the revenue from this will be help fund the buybacks and further development of the token and the market.

Starting in Q3 2021 and beyond, the cheesesoda network is going to be rebranding their Solana network ecosystem of services to the Black Label brand. The cheesesodaDEX has been changed to Black Label DEX, and the cheesesoda verify web application will be renamed to Black Label Connect.

You can read more about the token and more details about the benefits of the Black Label token, please read the whitepaper. You can also view the token on the explorer.